Materials and technologies

Materials and technologies

Flysheet - PU coating

PU coating is a thin layer of water impermeable polyurethane several sprayed on the inside of Tropico. In dependce on the number of coating layers applied Tropik distinguish resistance against water pressure up to 4000 mm (series Extreme Hiking), 3000mm (series Trekking and Family) and 2500 mm (series Outdoor). Coating retains its elasticity even at very low temperatures deeply below freezing-point.

Flysheet - Ripstop

is the technology used on the fabric production of Tropico tents Extrem series and inner tents in the Extreme and Hiking, the purpose of which is to increase the resistance to mechanical damage while losing weight. At regular intervals are woven in to the Tropico material transversely and lenghtways strong fibers forming the grid, thus if there is tearing the fabric prevent further crack propagation.

CONSTRUCTION - Dural 7001 T6

Lightweight, very strong and flexible thin-walled rods of stainless dural alloy with an average of 8.5 mm long resist high loads when is used in the mountains. Precise design and surface treatment to minimize the risk of defects.

Flysheet - Silicone

On the outside of the tent is achieved by applying a silicon treatment highly effective and time-unlimited water repellent effect. In this technological process, the fibers are impregnated with silicone Tropik fabric, thus becoming extremely water repelent fabric with self cleaning ability. There is a so-called lotus effect when water droplets are repelled from the Tropic surface, the water in the cloth withhold in its imperfect form, droplets  draine away quickly, and with him takes all the dirt. In combination with a PU coating on the inside of the fabric is now one of the best ways to protect against moisture penetration. Another important effect of silicone is significant increase strength, flexibility and resistance to break at the silicone Tropik fabric.

CONSTRUCTION - Dural 7075 T9

Tents construction from Extreme series, which is thanks to used stainless dural alloy with high limit of strength (greater than 7001 T6) and high stiffness specified by large average thin-walled rods (9.5 mm) suitable for use in the most difficult expedition condition. Perfect design and surface treatment minimize the risk of defects.


Segments of fiberglass rods are coated reinforcing polyester foil, which increases strength and flexibility while reducing the possibility of splitting, protect rod against mechanical damage.


Rods of fiberglass are made by new technology, thanks to which is achieved lower weight segment with increased resistance to crack.

Flysheet - Polyester

Lightweight and strong polyester material Tropik has a high resistance to UV radiation, does not age and retains its properties even after long-term exposure to sunlight and high temperature.

TROPIKO - Clips ITW Nexus

ITW Nexus branded clips anchor Tropiko to the rod construction of the tent and allow regulation ist voltage. They are made from tough plastic that is very strong and retains its mechanical properties even at extremely low temperatures.


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