When developing and manufacturing our backpacks, the main emphasis is put on the design of the back carrying systems and their ability to be ergonomically tuned for the figure in the most optimal way, on good ventilation of the user’s back and on long-life service.

That is why we use state-of-the-art materials and top-quality components.

Camelbag Pro 3L

Katalogový kód: 8592638338355
Camelbag Pro 3L

Water reservoir made ​​of antibacterial film (alloy MPE) made ​​in USA, used in health care. Its unique formula guarantees zero plastic taste and smell – medical tested. Film with maximum abrasion resistance. Large cap for easy filling and cleaning opens and closes just turning ½ turn. Lockable bite valve can be easily controlled with one hand. Rotary mechanical hose holder to strap backpack (20 / 25mm) will help direct the valve where you need it. Long handle for even easier handling also helps to hold the shape of the reservoir even if its only a partial fulfillment. Hose inline connection with check valve allows you to disconnect and remove the reservoir from the bag without having to put in a hose with a valve. Bite valve cover protects the entire valve from getting dirty.


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