Materials and technologies

A.C.D. MEMBRANE is a registered trademark of a unique membrane from renowned Japanese manufacturer. Company Pinguin has more than 10 years of experience with its characteristics, functionality and durability, which confirms the correctness of our decision for using of this traditional, proven product for waterproof clothing of Pinguin brand also in future - with new business conditions and under a new brand name A.C.D. ( All Climate Dry ) membrane.

The Material that Breathes. The A.C.D. membrane has no pores by which it completely differs from classic micro-porous membranes. In spite of that, its ability to let evaporated sweat through is extreme good. This is given by the microstructure of the membrane made of special kind of polyurethane (PU), the molecular structure and the forces between the PU and water molecules are optimal for this function.

When physically stressed, the body heats up, starts to sweat and the vapour concentration under the clothes increases. If a molecule of water vapour gets into contact with the A.C.D. membrane, it is pulled in and being among the PU molecules it becomes its part (i.e. the membrane is hydrophilic). Due to the higher temperature and concentration of water vapour under the clothes the evaporated sweat is continually pushed through the membrane. The process is as natural as water flowing from a higher to a lower place.

Waterproof and Windresisting Qualities. The micropores in classic membranes usually get widened in stressed places with time and become water permeable. The nonporous A.C.D. membrane however keeps its resistance against water pressure for years. Perfect wind resistance is necessary for maintaining the microclimate and for the user‘s heat comfort.

Service Life & Maintenance. The typical drawback of classic membranes is worsening their vapour permeability due to their pores becoming clogged with salts and fats contained in sweat as well as with dirt and detergents.This however does not concern the A.C.D. membrane. It can be washed in the washing machine using common detergents, it can be carefully dried in the dryer and even ironed. Only various conditioners should not be used and the membrane should not be twisted or spun after washing. It is recommended to leave the membrane to drip.


A.C.D. MEMBRANE 2L is a unique hydrophilic membrane laminated on sportswear fabric. The membrane provides perfect protection against the wind and rain and, at the same time, maintains a constant microclimate on the body surface both at standstill and during intensive physical strain. This membrane has been developed for active outdoor sports and its parameters satisfy even the most demanding users.


A.C.D. MEMBRANE 2,5L is very lightweight membrane fabric made by special technology. The membrane on the reverse side of the fabric is so resistant to mechanical damage that it is not necessary to protect it with lining. It is designed for light and very packable clothing that can be carried as a backup in case of bad weather.


A.C.D. MEMBRANE 3L is a three-layer laminate connecting the upper fabric, the A.C.D. membrane and the lower membrane protection. This material can resist even higher water pressure while the permeability remains the same as with the 2L membrane. A.C.D. membrane 3L is especially suitable for light sport- swear for extreme sports such as mountaineering, skiing, trekking, etc.



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