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About us


Company Pinguin

is one of the oldest Czech producer of outdoor and camping equipment, its history dates back to 1989, when the Czech market appear first products with the brand. At the very beginning when it was a very successful feather program, including sleeping bags and jackets, and a year later the company started out as one of the first Czech manufacturers with the development of lightweight double-skin tents for hiking and climbing. For almost two decades, the range of products Pinguin brand has grown considerably the wide scope of outdoor equipment and clothing. With its steadily high quality gained extraordinary popularity particularly comprehensive range of tents that includes several classes and levels of use, ranging from tents designed for a load extreme alpine expeditions and family camping tents for the ending.

Very good position in the market have built also sleeping bags Pinguin designed for both normal outdoor activities, and for extreme use, offer outdoor equipment complements many hiking backpacks. Brand Pinguin is increasingly promoted also through the ever-evolving and expanding menu membrane and softshell clothes. As a very successful coup today the company evaluates that some time ago when choosing a functional material, trusted on Japanese Gelanots membrane, which because of its high quality and technical parameters are already several years the core of product range waterproof breathable clothing of this brand.


Brand products Pinguin

have been used and tested in many high-altitude expeditions, including those of the highest peaks of the world. The findings and suggestions of them are taken into account in innovation and design of new models in order to provide our users the best performance, comfort and safety. Also thanks to those items, the brand Pinguin have found thousands of satisfied customers and now is distributed to many countries in Europe and many other countries in the world.


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